Jamming with The Gipsy Kings

Jamming with The Gipsy Kings - Soho, London















Last Saturday was the world premiere of Zorro The Musical at the Garrick Theatre in London’s west end.


The show itself went extremely well after weeks of intense rehearsals and the reviews that have come out so far have been very positive – all four and five stars! This is down to the outstanding talent and sheer hard work of the actors, dancers, technicians and creative team – they all deserve every word of praise that has been heaped on them. May this be a long and successful run!


And then there was the after party…. No press night is complete without a good ‘ole knees up afterwards. The Gipsy Kings themselves were at the premiere and came along to the after party which was at The Floridita in Soho – a cool little joint on Wardour Street with live Cuban music. The first thing I saw as I walked into the club was Bruce Forsyth on the dance floor wearing a Zorro mask. Live music was provided by Moneda Nacional.


Half way through the night The Gipsy King’s asked me if I would play with them and teach the members of Moneda Nacional four Gipsy Kings songs so they could back us. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds as these guys are Cuban through and had never played catalan rumba before in their lives but being great musicians they got hold of the chord sequences pretty quickly and added their own Cuban touch and we had a great jam. I can’t wait until the next time The Gipsy Kings call in on the show…