Rain Doesn’t Stop Play

This anecdote comes from a producer who I work with regularly. He was touring as sound engineer with Scottish comedian Billy Connolly before Billy had become famous.


They arrived at an open-air ampitheatre on a miserable grey day and set up and did a sound check. The day got gloomier and gloomier until about one hour before the gig the heavens opened and it absolutely poured down. Assuming the concert was a wash out, Billy nevertheless took a look at the public area to make sure it was empty. To his surprise there was one man sitting there with his arms folded enduring the heavy rain waiting for the show to begin. Billy said that if he was willing to watch him in pouring rain, then he ought to put on a show for him, so he performed the whole first act. During the interval Billy thought that the man would probably call it a day and not endure another half hour of relentless rain….. but there he was, arms folded, hood up, waiting for Billy to do his thing, so Billy went out and performed the second half of his show.


Towards the end Billy stopped his routine and said to the man “You’re the only person here so if there’s any particular sketch that you’d like to see or a routine from one of my videos I’ll do it for you as you’ve sat through the pouring rain”. The man replied “No, it’s ok Mr. Connolly, you just tell me when you’ve finished and I’ll get the chairs packed up and we can all go home!”