Zorro – Holland

Zorro De La Mar Theatre, Amsterdam  Zorro NL Press Night















Back to the world of Zorro, this time a national tour of The Netherlands. The has been translated into Dutch with a lot of changes made since the west end run. Most of these changes I am told were made for Paris and stayed in place for the Moscow version and are now part of the Dutch version.

Great to see some of people I worked with in the west end: Adam Poulter, Saulo Garrido, Isaac Perez and of course, the Director Chris Renshaw.

Dutch tours are slightly different from UK and US tours in the sense that you normally reside in Amsterdam and then travel by bus to each city where you perform and return the same night unless the theatre is more than 200km from Amsterdam in which case you stay in hotels close to the theatre.


Here is the bus in which I lived for most of 2011:


Zorro Tour Bus















Tha band were: Kino Haitsma (keys, MD); Bernard Goovarts (2nd keys); Jeroen Rombouts (2nd guitar); Olaf Fase (drums); Door Raeymaekers (percussion); Johannes Adema (bass).

After opening at the De La Mar Theatre in Amsterdam, we toured for approximately 10 months through the following cities: Hoorn, Leeuwarden, Rotterdam, Gronningen, Breda, Den Haag, Maastricht, Venlo, Eindhoven, Gouda, Heerlan, Zaandam, Oss, Zwolle, Nijmegen, Tilburg…. and a few others….