Rock ‘n Roll Turbulence

This anecdote comes courtesy of Guy Pratt, a bassist who has toured extensively with many great rock bands and thus has many a great story to tell. This isn’t a particularly in depth or scandalous story but just one that makes me giggle and gives a sense of the vibe of life on the road.


Guy was touring with Pink Floyd and a Saudi prince had lent the band his Boeing 737 for the tour (if you can’t join them, lend them your jet) which of course was not your average 737 – this one had been kitted out with marble walls and the latest gadgets. As in standard flights, when the aircraft was about to hit turbulence, the pilot would announce this through the tannoy and recommend that everybody remain seated and fasten their seat belts. This was when the band shot to their feet and, without holding on to anything, starting the competition of who could stay on their feet the longest.